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Joi, 12 Noiembrie 2009 19:54

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1. Dig in - IT workers in precarious employment positions need to take on extra work, log more hours and essentially show their employers they want to be there, experts say. 

2. Follow the money - IT workers should know what systems and projects ultimately will drive revenue for the business. And they should work to get assigned those projects. 

3. Feed your brain - Resources may be scarce, but experts recommend IT pros find low-cost training or other self-study options to expand their technical knowledge in ways that would benefit the company – and ultimately themselves. 

4. Become a business technology expert - It's not just something people say; IT staffers need to become business-savvy to advance their careers and essentially keep their jobs. 

5. Think cheap - Headcount reductions are often an effort to cut costs, but IT pros who prove to managers they can find inexpensive technology and reduce costs in-house could save their jobs. 

6. Stay away from the drama - Most companies have a bit of in-office drama, but it's best to stay far away from the water cooler gossip during tough economic times. 

7. Sell yourself - While many in IT aren't accustomed to the spotlight, experts recommend high-tech workers learn how to sell their skills to the company. 

8. Mentor others - Share your knowledge, career experts say. "IT people need to get out of the knowledge-hoarding mentality. They need to let people know what they know and share the knowledge and information willingly," 

9. Make yourself available - During the downturn, some groups in IT may not be as busy as others. IT pros in the groups that seem slow should be offering themselves up for projects in other departments. 

10. Smile, be happy - Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. Presenting a positive attitude, despite the challenges, will help managers – who are also taxed beyond their resources -- understand which employees are happy to be on the job.


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